Wildstar Game Information


Back Story

Wildstar Online is a new game which brings with it all new content and lore set in a new universe.

Imagine interstellar space cowboys, then mix in some magic, mercenaries, and marauders all fighting for control of a planet that's full of crazy monsters and mysteries, and you've got yourself Wildstar.

In the Wildstar universe, a new planet named Nexus has just been discovered, and with it comes the promise of riches and discovery ripe for the taking... the problem is that the place is filled with all manner of creatures that want to kill you, and a group of mortal enemies is stalking your every move to keep you from settling in (and also keep you from drawing your next breath).

Add to that, the peoples of two factions, The Exiles and The Dominion, are vying for control of Nexus, and you've got non-stop action and adventure!

Wildstar Planet

Game Play

Wildstar makes use of some standard MMO features, such as classes, races, and the trinity of tank > healer > DPS in dungeons and raids, however, Wildstar also brings a lot of other very exciting features with it.

Some of these features are found in other MMOs, while others are Wildstar originals. The way that Wildstar brings all of them together makes it one of the best MMOs ever made!

Factions, Races, and Classes

Faction, race, and class selection is nothing new to MMOs, and these items will be familiar to MMO players. 

But, thanks to the new Wildstar universe, we are introduced to new and unique choices in each category. See the guides below for more detailed information.


Housing in Wildstar Online is taken to the next level... literally! When you purchase your house, you actually get a unique floating piece of land, called a sky plot, upon which you can build your domicile, but that's just the beginning!

You see, Wildstar housing isn't just an afterthought--it is considered a core part of the game, and all throughout your character's career you will be finding more and more ways to make your house one-of-a-kind.

For more detail, see our Housing Guide.


Wildstar introduces a new system to the MMORPG genre, called Paths. Paths are essentially the profession that your character has, outside of their chosen class. 

The Path you choose dramatically alters your Wildstar experience, as it is intended to reflect how you like to play MMOs, and it will provide you with challenges and quests that are tailored to how you like to play. 

For more information on Paths, see the Paths Guide.

Character Customization

The Wildstar Online devs really went all out when it comes to customization. Right from the point of character creation, almost everything can be customized. Hair styles, hair colors, facial features and shapes, clothing, size, and more is all customizable. 

And that's just the beginning, armor, weapons, mounts/hoverboards, housing... pretty much everything that a player would want to customize can be customized. Plus, if you like the armor set you've got, you can change just how it looks without sacrificing its stats.

But that's not all! For most players, the ability to customize how your character performs and behaves in combat is the most important part of character customization, and Wildstar really shines here. You can customize gear sets to focus on particular stats, or craft your own custom gear with particular stats.

You can also change out your action bar abilities on the fly (when you're not in combat) using your own pre-built action sets. 

Want to change your spec? No problem, just go to your Amps screen at any time that you're not in combat and tweak as you please.

And last, but not least, there are War Plots... massive PVP battle fortresses that you build out and tweak to your exact specifications, and then you and 39 of your friends go toe-to-toe against another War Plot and its 40 combatants.



The defining component of combat in Wildstar is called telegraphs. Telegraphs are colored overlays that appear when you are performing an attack, and they indicate where your ability is going to strike, as well as where your enemies' abilities will strike. 

You may be thinking that combat must be pretty simple then, with being able to see where attacks can land you can just dodge them, right?

Well sure, double-tap dodging is in the game, but trust me when I tell you that combat is challenging... very very challenging. The reason for this is that different abilities have different telegraphs, and abilities can be combo'd up. Not to mention, some abilities leave behind fields that will wreck you if you walk into them. 

Combine that with the fact that multiple enemies are stacking telegraphs beside and on top of one another, and "just dodging" isn't so easy as you may think.


Aiming in Wildstar is primarily free-form aiming, which means your attack lands where your telegraph indicates it will. There is a hybrid form of tab-targetting too, which allows you to more easily track a tab-selected enemy, but your attack will not be aim-assisted after it goes off--it will land where the telegraph indicates it will.


Another factor in combat is that it's a very fluid style, which involves tonnes of movement. Do not just stand there and attack/heal/tank like in some other MMOs... you'll die... horribly. You must move while in combat, avoiding telegraphed attacks and aiming your own attacks.