Wildstar Game Guides


Strategy and levelling Guide: Get access to the best guide on how to dominate in all areas of Wildstar: levelling, PVP, dungeons, making gold, and more!

How To Guide: This is a guide that grows as we see "how to" questions being asked. Go here for answers to common questions.

Faction Guide: Learn about The Exiles and The Dominion

Races Guide: Which races is right for you?

Class Guide: Detail on each of the available classes

Paths Guide: Learn how Paths let you play Wildstar in the way that you like to play MMOs

Housing Guide: Housing is a core aspect of Wildstar game play

Stats and Attributes Guide: Find out what stats and attributes to prioritize for the role you want to play, and how your choices affect your class.

Tradeskills Guide: For those who want to craft stuff, check this guide for a reference.

Currency Guide: A quick guide to the different currencies in Wildstar

Builds Guide: We've found the best performing builds for each role that each class can play in PVE, and we also found the most popular PVP builds too!