Wildstar Faction Guide


There are two Factions in Wildstar, The Exiles and The Dominion. 

ExilesThe Exiles are the people who discovered the planet Nexus, and they are described as a ragtag alliance of refugees, outlaws, and mercenaries who have come to Nexus looking for a new home, after The Dominion drove them from their own homeworlds.

The races that form the Exiles faction are:

  • Human
  • Aurin
  • Granok
  • Mordesh


DominionOpposing The Exiles is The Dominion, an interstellar empire that has ruled the galaxy for two thousand years and now lays claim to the new world of Nexus.

The races that make up the Dominion faction are:

  • Cassian
  • Draken
  • Mechari
  • Chua