Wildstar Paths Guide


Wildstar Online introduces a new element to the MMO genre called Path. 

Wildstar Paths

Paths can be considered your character's profession, outside of their class, and it is selected at the time you create your character. Choose wisely, as the Path will dramatically affect your Wildstar experience!

The Path you choose is intended to allow you to play Wildstar in the fashion that you prefer to play MMOs. For example, if you get the most enjoyment out of exploring the world in an MMO, then you should choose the Explorer Path. Enjoy building stuff? Then choose the Settler Path.

There are four Paths to choose from, each tailored to allow you to get the most enjoyment out of Wildstar.

  • Explorer
  • Settler
  • Soldier
  • Scientist

Most Path names are pretty self-explanitory, but here are some more details on what you can expect from each Path.

Wildstar Explorer Path

The Explorer will be presented with things like venturing into the unknown reaches of mountains, scouting out lake bottoms, locating hidden caverns, scavenger hunts, and even time trials. This is the path for those with wanderlust.

Wildstar Settler Path

Like to build stuff? Stuff like buff stations, vendors, and quest givers who special loot? Like to get Path XP when people use your creations? For those who would be builders in another life, this is the path to choose.

Wildstar Soldier Path

Soldiers get to kill things... lots and lot of things, and they'll be tasked to do it using experimental weaponry that the Path grants them. If you like combat, choose this path.

Wildstar Scientist Path

Scientists are all about gaining knowledge. As a scientists, you will be equipped with a scan bot that will aid you in unlocking all of the secrets of Nexus. Lore lovers, this is the Path for you.