Wildstar Races Guide


Wildstar brings us eight races to choose from, most of which are new to the MMO genre, but players will immediately see the archetypes that each represents. Here's more information on each of the eight playable races found in Wildstar.

Races of the Exiles:

Human HeadHumans

Humans are a stubborn, renegade people who won't back down from a fight. They say, if the Dominion wants a fight, they'll get one!

Aurin HeadAurin

The Aurin are scrappy protector's of nature. After the Dominion ravaged their homeworld, the Aurin are ready to fight tooth and claw (and fluffy ears and tail, if necessary)!

Granok HeadGranok

The enormous Granok are mercenary people who are made of stone! They love combat, but aren't always the smartest. After a long and bloody battle with the Dominion that banished them from their home, they are ready for another battle for Nexus.

Mordesh HeadMordesh

 Space zombies describes the Mordesh. The entire race is afflicted with a degenerative disease, so they use alchemic secrets to remain alive, and to also wage war against the Dominion.


Races of the Dominion:

Cassian HeadCassian

Cassians are humans who long ago were chosen by the Eldan to establish the Dominion, and they are now wealthy and powerful. They certainly won't allow a band of rabble such as the Exiles to control Nexus.

Draken HeadDraken

The savage and ruthless Draken are a warrior people who have come to Nexus to prove that they are the most bad-ass fighters in the galaxy, and the Exiles are on the menu.

Mechari HeadMechari

A race of highly advanced robots, the Mechari, were created by the Eldan to eliminate traitors and threats to the Dominion. These highly efficient killing machines are always on the hunt for Exiles.

Chua HeadChua

Psychotic, sociopathic, genius, and cute all describe the Chua. These mischevious inventors create advanced technology for the Dominion, which delivers agonizing death to the traitorous Exiles.