Wildstar PVP Guide


Wildstar PVP brings with it all of the best forms of PVP, and then some!

If you are looking for a good PVP build for your character, check out the Builds Guide.

PVP Formats that are included at launch are:

  • Arenas
  • Battlegrounds
  • Open World PVP
  • Warplots
  • Duels

More info on each type of PVP can be found below.



Open Arena matches become available at level 30, and Rated Arena matches are available at level-cap (50).

2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 modes exist for arenas, and these are basically a fight to the last man standing.

Arenas are pretty much what you'd expect, but there is some Wildstar flavor added, such as arena teams having a shared respawn pool.



Bg QueueYou can queue up for Battlegrounds beginning at level 6.

Queuing up for Battlegrounds is easy, just open up the PVP panel, select the battleground you want, and click Join the Fight. You'll be added to the PVP queue, which is cross-realm, and thrown into a BG when a slot opens.

If you play in Rated mode then you'll be added to a BG with other people at around your Battleground Rating. 

If you play in Open mode, then it'll be a sh*t-mix of rated people, with similar gear scores, thrown into a PVP blender.

At launch, there's a good amount of variety to battleground locations, as well as game types. The game types to expect are capture objective, and control point.

Scroll down for information on leveling up by PVPing.

Open World PVP

Open world PVP happens in two ways: you either create your character on a PVP server and you are flagged all the time, or you create your character on a PVE server, and flag yourself for PVP (making you a target for people who don't flag themselves for PVP until they attack you).

A cool feature of open world PVP is the Open World Rival System. If you're out questing and minding your own business, and then some fool ganks you, you can mark that fool as a rival. 

Marking someone as a rival will then give you a visible indicator over their character's head when you see them again in the world, and that way you'll know that you must return the favor and gank them.

Another nice feature of Wildstar Open World PVP is that when you are flagged for PVP, all enemy players who are also flagged will be highlighted in red when you are at a distance. You can use this to either avoid them if you don't feel like PVPing, or to engage them.


Want to pit your skill against a friend's? How about just pass a little time? Duelling is the answer!

Friendly duels are one of the best features of MMORPGs, and lately too many titles have been leaving that aspect out. Fortunately, Wildstar isn't one of them.


Warplots are Wildstar's game changing PVP mode. In short, you can expect 40v40 players, on massive battlefields, with customizable battle fortresses. 

That's right, customizable. battle. fortresses.

Warplots are not for the casual PVPer... they require coordination, strategy, and execution. If you want to experience Warplots, you'd best find yourself a PVP guild that has time, dedication, and a chat server.

So, how do Warplots work?

First, gather up 39 of your best friends (with PVP skills, preferably), then buy a Warplot (aka, Battle Fortress).

Next, customize the hell out of it. There's way too much to go into here on how customizable these things are, but let's just say they are very, very customizable (laser cannons, mines, nuclear power plants, giant robots, oh, and world boss transporters are just a few things you can load up with).

When playing in a Warplot, there are typically several objectives/ways to win:

  • Gather more resources than the enemy and run down their resources through attrition
  • Destroy all of the enemy's power generators
  • Kill em all!!

You may be wondering, Do I HAVE to get 40 people together, buy a warplot, customize it, etc?

No. You can queue up for warplot combat as a mercenary. This will allow people who have a warplot, but need a few extra people, to bring you in as a merc.

Open vs Rated Modes, and PVP Prestige

Something to be aware of is that you can participate in both Arenas and Battlegrounds in either Open or Rated mode. Both modes award you with a PVP currency called Prestige (see the Currency Guide for more info).

The difference between Open and Rated modes is that playing in Rated PVP allows you to compete with players who are at your skill-level, which is determined by a rating system, and it gets you rating-specific rewards. 

Competing in Open PVP queues you up against people who have a gear score close to yours, so that you won't be stomped on by people in gear that's much better than what you're wearing.

Another difference between Open and Rated Arenas is that Open Arena is for practice/fun only, and does not lead to Arena Rewards.


Yes, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Warplots will have rated seasons and ladders to allow for competitive play, and when the game launches, Season 1 will begin. 

From levels 6-49 the Battleground that you queue up for will be considered "practice rounds", meaning that they do not count towards your rating. At level-cap you can begin joining rated versions of the PVP games, and if you do well enough in rated PVP at the end of each season, you will earn some very cool rewards.

Leveling Up by PVPing

In short, yes you can.

You'll get experience for killing players, capturing objectives, and completing matches. You'll earn Prestige the whole time, so you'll be able to buy level-appropriate PVP gear to stay competitive.


You really should also go experience some PVE though, as you are missing out on a lot of great content if you skip it.


Many PVPers don't want to wait until level-cap to begin PVPing, but nobody likes getting roflstomped by someone 9 levels higher than them either.

Wildstar has you covered. For players who are below level-cap, player level and gear gets normalized in order to even the playing field.